Is the order a rabbit? Page 32

I considered only reading one strip today, but as it turns out the first strip on page 32 was really easy. The new items were mostly new conjugations to make into cards, but also some new words (学び舎) and grammar (くる as an auxiliary verb). New flash cards for right-side strip: 18 cards.

The second strip, however, has quite a few new words.


The use of ほう here gave me the most trouble. I’ve worked it down to 高校の方 meaning “high school side [of things]” as in “I know how things went in middle school (since I was there), but how did things go on the high school side?”

The left-side strip also resulted in 18 new cards, for a total of 36 cards for page 32.

Is the order a rabbit? Page 21

I’ve kept myself busy with overhead: still cleaning up my Anki cards (while not adding any more), transcribing more strips, and reworking my blog posts into lessons teaching the material I’ve learned. That last part is important, because when one tries to teach material, it’s quickly apparent which material one does and does not know well. Then there’s the fearful dark cloud of being confident in knowing something, yet potentially being wrong.

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