Upgrading WordPress

Today was a day to get the last of my WordPress installs upgraded to 2.7, and to install the WP-DBManager plug-in on them.

I actually prefer the simplicity of the WordPress Database Backup plugin’s interface in WordPress, but this plugin doesn’t include the date in the e-mail title when e-mailing a database back-up, and the other one does. Sure, I can modify the plugin to include it, but that only lasts until the next plugin upgrade.

Installing and upgrading plugins is so much nicer in WordPress 2.7. I haven’t yet tried upgrading my WordPress 2.7.0 install to 2.7.1 simply because I don’t know how that will affect my layout. That’ll be on my to-do list until my WordPress 2.7.1 installs are all outdated by a WordPress 2.7.2 install.

Future upgrades of WordPress installs and plugins and themes will probably continue to be a chore, but at least it’ll all be done within a web browser now, without having to bring up a console to SSH in and manually download files, unarchive them, rename folders, move folders from old installs to new, etc.

Of course, I’ll still use the console to go in and start proftp before upgrading, and then stop it after. After all, why keep a service running and listening to a port when the service won’t been needed but for a short time every few months?