DVD-Playing in Windows 7

Continuing trying out software for Windows, I decided to try out the Media Center and playing a DVD.

The first thing I found with the Media Center is that DVD playback is slow (video is slow and skips, although audio is fine). The second thing I found is that I couldn’t get subtitles to show. The third was that I couldn’t figure out how to enable full screen.

DVD Player

My next attempt to play the DVD seemed to open it in lone DVD player, without the rest of the media player. This was able to play smoothly and with subtitles, and even full screen. However, playing full screen causes the monitor display to “blink” every four seconds, leaving the screen black for a split second. If the right-click menu is visible, this “blink” closes it.

Trying non-full screen, there’s no blinking of the display, but maximizing the window gives the blinking at three-second intervals.

At least the quality of the video looks better than in Linux, but maybe that’s because I watch DVDs in Linux full screen, and this I’m viewing at not-full screen?

The extra controls seen in the screenshot above disappear after a few seconds of not moving the mouse over the window.