Japanese with Rabbits

For 2018, I’ve decided to add a specific Japanese language-learning goal for myself: learn the grammar, vocabulary, and kanji contained within volume one of the Japanese four-panel comic, Is the order a rabbit? To assist with retention, I’ll be logging my process here on my little corner of the Internet.

The following tools allow this study effort:

I bought volume one of the comic digitally from Rakuten. This requires creating an account with a Japanese address set. Hopefully author/artist Koi does not mind that I faked an address to allow me to pay for a product not available outside of Japan. (A big thanks to the All DRM Removal DRM-removal software. The price has gone down since I bought a license, but I’ve gotten more than my money’s worth being able to back-up my e-books for viewing in any software I want.)

I had previously bought season one of the cartoon on DVD via RightStuf. (Additional thanks to K3b for making it easy to make back-up copies of DVD’s, so I can access them without shuffling discs.)

Since this comic does not have furigana, I figured listening to the cartoon’s dialogue would be sufficient to learn the reading of any kanji. The line of dialogue in the last panel of the opening comic differed greatly in the cartoon, leading me to finding and installing KanjiTomo. This software reads kanji in images, and converts it to text, as well as providing a translation of the word. It’s quickly become an indispensable aid when encountering unknown kanji.

Even though my focus will be on the comic, I also downloaded subtitles for season one of the cartoon, as I’ll likely be using the cartoon for listening practice when dialogue does match up with the comic. Subtitles allow properly hearing new words that I may want to learn on the side.

Finally, I’ll be dropping vocabulary into Anki for review. Maybe sentences as well.