Is the order a rabbit? Page 10 (Right Side)

As with the strip on page 9, the first four-panel strip on page 10 of Is the order a rabbit? volume one is a simple page to ease me into a false sense of security before throwing me into the deep end of slice-of-life dialogue.

There isn’t much to learn in this strip. I’m familiar with all the dialogue, ranging from the simple うさぎ (rabbit) to いない (negative form of いる). I know of いらっしゃいませ, and I’ve been familiar with なんだ since my early days of watching Japanese episodes of Pokémon.

Aside from reviewing yesterday’s kanji, I’ll need to start learning (きゃく), which I lack a useful mnemonic for. This may be the first one I simply have to memorize. I expect this kanji to appear at least a few more times in the comic, and with the comic’s lack of furigana, I’ll have a chance to recognize it from the kanji alone the next time it comes up.

On the animated side, the cartoon follows this strip’s dialogue exactly (giving Cocoa-san a few more 「ウサギかいない」, each one more desperate than the last). There isn’t much dialogue for listening practice, but that just means it’s that much easier to follow the dialogue at this early stage in the episode.