Is the order a rabbit? Page 10 (Left Side)

Is the order a rabbit? continues to slowly increase the vocabulary per strip, moving me closer and closer to the day all my free time goes into learning new vocabulary and kanji.

This strip introduces two onomatopoeia. もじゃもじゃ is one I’ll simply need to remember as referring to something shaggy. もふもふ is something fluffy; perhaps cuddly is another translation.

I’m familiar enough with 注文(ちゅうもん) (from iKnow vocabulary reviews), but should work on ensuring I know the kanji. The main new vocabulary with kanji for me are in 一応(いちおう) (more or less) and 非売品(ひばいひん). The latter I’ll remember as having the ひ kanji from 是非(ぜひ). It’ll be memorization for how to write
and pronounce (ばい), as well as how to pronounce (ひん). These are all going into Anki, so hopefully I’ll be able to retain them.

This strip also gives me the chance to start learning a couple of counters.
(はい) for cupfuls, and (いっかい) for rounds/occurrences.

For grammar, 「せめて モフモフさせて!」 is certainly interesting. せめて is “at least”. モフモフ is the adjective for something fluffy and cuddly. If I’m not mistaken, させて originates from する (do), conjugated as させる (let me do), then put into the て form as a request, with くれ or ください left off. (Is that how it works?) The anime subtitle translates the line as, “At least let me cuddle him!” The road to learning Japanese is a long one.

The animated adaptation of this strip retains all the original dialogue, making it perfect listening practice for these panels.