Is the order a rabbit? Page 11 (Right Side)

Study and review is quickly becoming more complicated as Is the order a rabbit?‘s next strip adds in more kanji, complex kanji, and words I may never see again.

Starting with today’s comic, my kanji routine is starting to become:

  1. Look up kanji in The Kodansha Kanji Learner’s Course.
  2. Write kanji based on stroke order.
  3. Hope for a usable mnemonic. (Doesn’t always work out.)
  4. Write all dialogue from the strip.
  5. Write kanji for all vocabulary that comes up in Anki.

It’s actually too soon for any kanji to come up in Anki, but once words start showing up (four days after adding them), I will write down the kanji every time it comes up, regardless of whether I recognize the word (both pronunciation and meaning) or not.

Today’s strip was probably on the easy side thanks to half of it being English/non-Japanese words (Blue Mountain, Columbian, Kilimanjaro, instant, original blend.) The other half is a good mix of new kanji, both simple characters (安心(あんしん)する(あじ)) and complex (酸味(さんみ)). I don’t have much confidence in my ability to quickly learn the new vocabulary readings, such as けんり and さんみ, but 上品(じょうひん) has the same (ひん) as 非売品(ひばいひん). That’s what I’m looking for more of.

Grammarwise, I don’t see anything I’m not familiar with. I didn’t even notice until I wrote it out that Cocoa-san drops the が when she says, 「これインスタントの」.