Is the order a rabbit? Page 13 (Left Side)

These easy days are going to give me a false sense of progress. Today, it’s only three panels with dialogue, and of those, only a couple of things for me to learn.

New vocabulary/kanji for me:

  • 更衣室(こういしつ)
  • ()れる

Old vocabulary/new kanji:

  • 制服(せいふく)
  • ()

My review schedule has me writing a strip’s dialogue first (without looking up kanji stroke order), then writing kanji every time it comes up in Anki reviews. So far, I don’t feel I’ve gained anything from all that writing, but it’s too soon to be certain. I’m sure once I write 持つ a bit, I’ll stop confusing it with 待つ. (Looks like I can see 持つ with a “hand” on the left for “holding” a possession, and 待つ with “go” on the left, such as “waiting” to go somewhere.)


  • ()ってきます (to bring)

Continued funny business:

  • んだ

I’m starting to remember that this is のだ. I’m just not certain how “explanatory のだ” (plus ね) applies to, “Yay, I get to wear a uniform ♪” It wouldn’t convey explanation for why shes’ excited, would it?

Words to focus on:

Conjugations to keep an eye on:

  • ()られる (passive)