Is the order a rabbit? Page 14 (Right Side)

Another simple strip. Main point for today is starting new kanji while keeping up with older vocabulary coming up in Anki.

Conjugations and grammar points for the day:

  • VERBてた

    The て-form of a verb followed by いた (past tense of いる: to be) indicates the past progressive tense (e.g., 食べていた “I was eating”, 飲んでいた “I was drinking”). In spoken Japanese though, the い of いた is usually silent, so it sounds like tabe[teta] and non[deta].

  • のに(なのに)

Vocabulary and kanji for the day:

  • 下着(したぎ)
  • 姿(すがた)
  • 完全(かんぜん)
  • 気配(けはい)
  • (ころ)して
  • (あや)しい