Is the order a rabbit? Page 15 (Left Side)

I had a lot less time to review today, so thankfully it was another easy strip.

Although I noticed it, I didn’t take note of Rize-san’s use of だな in yesterday’s strip. Since the sentence-ending な appears again in panel four of today’s strip, I looked it up. An answer to a question on When is “na” used at the end of a sentence? states:

The addition of な to the end of a sentence gives the sentence the tone that the speaker is seeking confirmation. The speaker does not wish to assert that he is 100% confident about what he is saying. It does not necessarily mean that he isn’t confident, he just doesn’t wish to convey that he is. He wants to give his audience room to disagree if they want.

This explanation fits Rize-san’s line, “You mean I’m a teacher?” It’s a rougher-sounding ね.

Aside from new kanji, there’s not much to say about this strip. Very simple dialogue.