Is the order a rabbit? Page 16 (Left Side)

Are some pages easy because I know the words and am getting used to certain uses of grammar? Or is it because I remember the scene from back when I watched the anime? I look forward to encountering less unknown vocabulary, and more unknown bits of grammar.

The meaning of Chino-san’s「()いた時間(じかん)」 is clear enough, but I’m not used to seeing a conjugated verb followed by a noun. I’m sure I’ll see it more in the future and will get a sense for it. The adverb こっそり is a new one to me, as well.

For panel three, I’m not used to hearing someone begin their dialogue with (たと)えば. I’ll have to pay attention for this in any anime I watch.

Rize-san says, 「(たの)んだら」. This is simply たら (if), but it becomes だら when it follows ん. (Maggie Sensei has a page on たら.)

Cocoa-san’s dialogue in panel four has あったらな which I’m not completely certain of. The dictionary used by Takoboto says that あったら is an adverb usually written in kana, with the meaning of “alas; regrettably”. Append な for a feeling of wishfulness. Or maybe I have that wrong? Perhaps あった is the past-tense of ある, with ら appended (たら = if)?