Back to GochiUsa Anki after an unintended break

A computer issue left me unable to access my Japanese study files for a few weeks. I used this “free” time to do other things, but also read through most of GochiUsa (as best I could not knowing much of the kanji, vocabulary, and grammar).

Now that I’m back, I opened Anki to find 117 items due (and who knows how many it’s withholding as being due). I put over half an hour into the first word that came up: 護身術(こしんじゅつ) Since this word probably appears only once in the entire first volume of GochiUsa, it’s probably not one I should spend quite as much time on. I look forward to when I finish transcribing the entire volume so I can check for word frequency. (Thus far, I have 63 pages transcribed, with 138 pending transcription.) At least after that first hour of review, Anki dropped to only 122 words left to review. (Wait, isn’t that an increase?!)

I’m going to focus on getting the flash cards in Anki under control before I even consider moving onto the next strip in the comic. I’m also adding single-panel screenshots to the vocabulary in Anki. If I see 種類 all alone, I won’t remember that it is しゅるい. But if I see it in context, there’s a good chance I will recognize it. Is this good, because I’ll become familiar with the kanji in context? Or is this bad, as I’ll memorize the word in context without recognizing the kanji? If I recognize the meaning and pronunciation of the word in context, how well can I judge whether I recognized the kanji? (If I don’t recognize all of these, then I fail the card.) One positive is that I get more exposure to sentences.