Is the order a rabbit? Page 19 (Right Side)

Doing Anki reviews in a different environment (work commute versus at-home desktop computer) highlights for me just how much I’m recognizing words on sight of a comic panel image rather than reviewing the kanji.

I’d like to sentences rather than comic panels into Anki, bolding and/or coloring the vocabulary or grammar being reviewed, and see how that compares, but Anki doesn’t allow me to add the same sentence to two cards, where the only difference is which word I have in red text. I know I can instead use Cloze to have multiple reviews for one sentence, but that means not having multiple sentences for one vocabulary word, or separate translations for each word. For now, I’ll put the word being reviewed in brackets, such as: 「カフェラテにミルクの【泡】で 絵を描くんだよ」

Today’s strip is just three panels of dialogue, which is good because there’s a lot of kanji that likely appears only once, not only in this volume, but across the whole entirety of GoshiUsa (six volumes released at the time of this writing).

みる shows up in today’s strip. I though I’d encountered this earlier in the volume, but doing a search for 「みる」 in all the transcription I’ve done (31% of the volume’s strips) shows it only appears in this strip and the next. ~てみる is covered by Maggie Sensei. It is used “when you try something out, to attempt to do something / to give it a shot”. Rize-san’s question, 「ラテアートやってみるか?」, combines やる (to do) and みる into やってみる (try to do). “All right, Cocoa, want to try out latté art?”

I learned あわ playing the Japanese Pokémon games way back when (especially with ゼニガメ as one’s starter Pokémon), but the わざ names being all kana, the kanji 泡 is foreign to me. I’m not nearly as familiar with 絵 as I should be by now (read: not familiar at all), and I didn’t know that 書く and 描く had different kanji (although it make sense). Now to make sure I don’t mix up 描 and 猫. Rize-san’s explanation of latté art combines やる with the explanatory の in 「やってるんだ」. I’m almost getting the hang of it.

I’m sure I’ve seen とか before, but now’s a good time to add a card in Anki for it, meaning: “among other things; such things as; or something like that”

Kanji I shall learn and probably never need again in this series:

  • 金賞: きん I’m familiar with (thanks to Pokémon generation two). しょう is what I’ll need to focus on.
  • 町内会: I know 町 as まち, but in a compound word it becomes ちょう, which I am unfamiliar with. I somewhat know 内 as ない (such as in ないしょ), and I sometimes recognized 会 as かい (such as かいちょう).
  • 小学生: This should be easy enough. I know all the parts.
  • 低学年: I know 学 and 年, so the focus will be on 低 being てい. I’ve seen this kanji in 低い, but I’m not familiar with it.
  • 部: Thanks to K-On!, I’m very familiar with this one (though here it means closer to “department”, rather than “club”.