Is the order a rabbit? Pages 30 and 31 (Right)

Page 30 was pretty much all familiar words and grammar, except for the introductions of 喰いつく and the last kanji in 入学式. Due to the shortness of page 30 and the first strip on 31, I reviewed all three, saving the longer second strip on page 31 for tomorrow.

Added into Anki is 16 more cards for page 30, and four more cards for the right side of page 31. I’ll save reviewing them for tomorrow morning, as I’ve already reviewed 94 GochiUsa cards today.

My projected review counts per day in Anki are: 65 cards tomorrow, 41 and 44 the next two days, then 19, 22 the following days. The next week stays under 20 for a few days before dropping under 10 cards to review per day for the rest of the month (often dipping below five cards). However, I have no doubt that Chiya-san will introduce me to many possibly archaic words that I will never need to know about, but will nonetheless learn easily much like 不束者.

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