Is the order a rabbit? Page 31 (Left)

I’m getting fairly comfortable with the grammar thus far, although there are still some things from earlier pages I’m working on. The latter half of page 31 turned out to be simpler than I expected.

Aside from Chiya-san using an outdated kanji (往く), there wasn’t anything difficult here. Definitely new words added to Anki, though. I find Chiya-san’s naming makes sense when I’m slowly digesting her dialogue one word at a time (versus reading subtitles watching a cartoon).

Since there isn’t much to say about this strip (and I’m only doing one so I can hop into playing in the latest Splatoon 2 SplatFest event), now’s a good time to look over some of my Anki stats. I can come back and view them later to compare with.

Stats for today:

  • Studied 113 cards in 20 minutes today. 10.5 seconds per card. Good.
  • Again count: 25. 77.9% correct. Not really as good as it should be.

I’m keeping an eye on the Added Cards graph, as I want to add cards every day for the month of April. (And if I can do it in April, I can in May. And June, and July.)

The primary stat I’m checking daily is the Forecast. Within two weeks, I’ll be almost out of words to review each day. The solution to that, of course, is to keep adding more cards.

This forecast also lets me see if the number of cards to review in the next month looks like it may be growing too much. If that happens, I’ll likely cut my iKnow reviews from 50~100 words a day down to 20~40 words a day. Or otherwise prioritize GochiUsa reviews first, then iKnow in my available time after (as I currently review in the other direction).

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