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The Phone

One of the things I’ve found in reading random autism-centric blogs, written by people on the autism spectrum, is that much of what has been known about autism has been wrong. This is likely because previous information was gathered by non-autistic people observing autistic people.

With computers, the Internet and the Web, people on the spectrum are able to start telling their experiences in life. I find it interesting to read the experiences of others on the spectrum and see just how similar their experiences are to my own. Within the past few years, I’ve gone from seeing myself as someone abnormal in a world of normal people, to seeing that there are plenty of people out there just like me.

Today at work was a good example of where my mindset operates differently from the neurotypical mindset.

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MediaWiki PassThroughFile Extension Version 1

MediaWiki recommends against using the top level of a domain to load wiki pages from. If only a section of the site contains a wiki, makes sense. MediaWiki supports this. If the entire site is a wiki, then makes sense. MediaWiki does not support this, and recommends against it.

The problem with the latter is that it renders files such as robots.txt as a wiki page at This can be avoided by using MediaWiki’s extensions capability.

To get around this issue, I wrote an extension.

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