The Cost of a Pullip

Meet Mandy. Mandy recently was given a point-and-shoot camera as a gift. Mandy liked taking pictures, so she joined the online photography sharing web site, Flickr. While looking at photographs on Flickr, Mandy saw a photo of a doll with a big head and expressive eyes, posed to tell a story.

By the month’s end, Mandy knew a few things about this doll called “Pullip”. Mandy bought a Pullip of her own (a Latte, $140, NRFB), and named her Milch. It cost more than other Pullip dolls (due to rarity), but Mandy thought Latte’s face was the best-looking out there.

Mandy found Milch to be great for photography. She always brought life to boring scenes. However, Milch had a small, tiny request for Mandy. While her stock outfit was nice and versatile, she really did need more outfits to wear. Mandy looked around in stores when shopping, and she also checked online online, finding outfits suitable for Milch’s tastes and style. Six outfits and $50 later, Milch had enough outfits to mix-and-match to keep things “new” from one photo shoot to the next.

With the change from Spring to Summer, Milch was getting a lot of photo time outdoors. She was a real trooper, but her hair wasn’t. By now, her stock wig just wasn’t able to handle the travel and the wind and the humidity. If Milch were a display doll spending her life sitting on a shelf, this would never have been a problem, but she’s a mobile kind of girl, what with all her photo shoots.

After a quick look at the funds in her bank account, Mandy decided a wig for Milch wouldn’t hurt her financially. She researched wigs. She decided to keep the same basic color for Mandy, but in a shorter style. The wig cost her $30, but shipping was another $30, totalling $60. (Mandy didn’t know at the time about people who organize group orders to cut down on shipping costs.)

With her new wig, Milch was ready for photos again. This wig was much higher quality, and it didn’t weigh her back as much. It even made some of the older outfits look like new again, but that wasn’t enough to escape the fact: Milch really did need a bigger wardrobe. Finding some nice outfits online, Mandy spent $70, and Milch found herself 11 outfits richer.

Summer’s photo shoots were rather nice, with the new wig and outfits, but Mandy found herself disatisfied with her photos overall. Milch was always in the same general positions. Pullips in others’ photos were in so many poses that Milch was simply incapable of. It was time to get her a new body. Mandy settled on an Obitsu body, which cost her $25 with shipping included. While at it, Mandy also bought new eye chips to better go with Milch’s personality, another $5, and combined it with the Obitsu order.

By Autumn, Milch had her new wig, new eyes, and new body, and a lot of outfits which were great for Spring and Summer. With Winter coming, she would need warmer outfits, so Mandy went ahead and bought these in advance. Five more outfits totalling $30.

Cost to date: $310. Outfits to date: 23.

Something unexpected happened during the Winter. Milch was rather listless. She’d moved in a few months short of a year ago, and she still didn’t have a TaeYang boyfriend. And why didn’t she have a Dal sister yet? And why didn’t she have another Pullip around as her best friend? Also, don’t forget her sister’s other Dal friend–after all, she’s the TaeYang’s kid sister. And what about Milch’s Pullip friend’s cousin?

Don’t worry, it’s only four more. At worst, that’s another $1,200. It’s not like Mandy wanted to save up for a DSLR camera or anything.