Avoid GuruPlug

I own the GuruPlug Server Plus, and have had nothing but problems with it. It stopped acting as a wireless access point, so I had to buy the JTAG hardware to be able to get into the device and fix things.

Once I had things up and running, I found I can only transfer data wirelesses so long before it loses its wireless connection, and seems to have some data transfer errors. If I’m not transferring a lot of data, the wireless connection seems to be stable.

And it gets hot.

GuruPlug Server Plus : don’t waste your money on it!” is a good overview of why to avoid this product.

GuruPlug Server Plus Heat Problems” includes photos of various “solutions” of taking the device apart and bulking it up with a fan or heat sinks.

I’ve also read about problems with the SheevaPlug (GuruPlug’s predecessor) and its power supply.

Plug computers sound like a great idea, but the GuruPlug (and its 30 day warranty) are one to avoid.

2 thoughts on “Avoid GuruPlug

  1. guruplugguy

    If you have guruplug to sell, please contact me. I don’t have any issue with it, bought one, need another one for my school.


  2. Christopher Fritz Post author

    I’ll send you an e-mail. I also have the JTAG for it (since the GuruPlug bricked itself early on), so I would only sell them together.

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