Still no tagging…

A couple of weeks back, I had to rename ~/.kde and ~/.local to fix a whole bunch of issues that had been building up for a long time. Can’t remember specifically what they were by now, but it was necessary.

I decided today to try the whole tagging thing again. I added “Strawberry Marshmallow” as a tag to some images. After closing the tag window, the files were not tagged. Opening the tag window again shows the following:

Tagging Error

Closing Dolphin and reopening it removes this “resource” tag.

I wish I could go in and investigate the problem and fix it. I’ve tried at least five times in the past six years to get a KDE build environment together, and I’ve failed every time. Came close once on my PC while trying it simultaneously on my PC and laptop (doing the same steps on both, and failing miserably on the laptop).

As the situation is right now, I can’t even get enough information on the problem to write up a usable bug report… I can’t just leave a bug report that says, “When I tag a file in KDE SC 4.4.5., it doesn’t work.”

The information I have gathered is:

  • KDE SC 4.4.5 on Kubunutu
  • Tags added in Dolphin become “resource” tags as seen above.
  • Tags added with Dolphin do not remain associate with image.
  • Closing and opening Dolphin removes the tags from the list of known tags.
  • Tags added in Gwenview become “blank” tags.
  • Tags added with Gwenview do remain associate with image.
  • Closing and opening Gwenview removes the tag from the image and from the list of known tags.