Disney’s Tinker Bell

Disney's Tinker Bell

How did I go so long without watching a Tinker Bell movie? I figured they would be dumbed-down movies for little kids.

I bought Mulan on DVD (at least, I think this is the one I was watching at the time), and saw their little segment about “pirating” (why do they put those anti-pirating messages on the DVD that I bought and paid for?) I really liked the animation, but figured they just went all out making an anti-pirating commercial for people who buy Disney’s expensive DVDs.

At one point, I decided to check out the trailers, and saw one for the second Tinker Bell movie. Seeing Tink suit up (in the outfit shown above) and head toward a broken down pirate ship made me think, “Wow. Maybe I should give this movie a try…”

About a month prior to this, I had seen a co-worker’s desktop wallpaper on her work computer with Tinker Bell and other fairies. I had wondered where those fairies were from, and now I know.

I picked up the first Tinker Bell movie, and enjoyed it. I’ve now seen the second, and enjoyed it even more. I have the third waiting to be watched, and will definitely be picking up the fourth when it comes out.

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