3D Photos for the Nintendo 3DS

The Nintendo 3DS has some pretty bad cameras. So why not use a powerful camera, such as my Nikon D40, then convert those to a format the Nintendo 3DS can use? That’s what I’ve done here.

Did you know Linux (as far as I can tell) has no program to create MPO files, storing JPEGs in as MPF? After a weekend of learning about JPEG and Exif and such, I put together a C++ program to take two JPEG images from my Nikon D40 and combine them into an MPO. Below is the result.

These photos appear in 2D on a computer screen, but save them to an SD card in the folder “DCIM/100NIN03/” (the “100NIN03” may potentially us different numbers from one Nintendo 3DS to the next; I haven’t looked into this), and you’ll be able to view them in 3D on the 3DS.

You can also view and download these photos in various formats on my 3D Porch page.

Just right-click a photo and save it. (Make certain it’s saved with an MPO extension, such as “346_0001.MPO”.)

Image of Miu and Chika.

Image of Pinky Street girls.