iPads for Kindergarteners

Kindergarteners get iPads for school

I don’t know if it’s bad reporting, or miscommunication from those involved, or weird thinking by those involved, but this story leaves be a bit confused.

The stated problems are 1) third graders are not at the proper reading level, and 2) students are not scoring well on tests (with the implication being that kindergarten students are the ones scoring poorly).

The solution: an iPad for each of the school’s 250 kindergarten students. Clearly this will not help those third graders, but maybe those third graders have been deemed a lost cause? I’m not suggesting the kindgarten students shouldn’t received potentially better schooling methods. Whether the iPad will improve things, however, the school won’t know until they get test results.

One teacher says the iPads “give her 19 students more immediate feedback and individual attention than she ever could.” I’m guessing this is because if they do assignments on the iPad, the iPad can let them know what answers they got correct and incorrect. I do believe there is a place for software in the classroom for this reason, if the software is done right. I’d also like to see free, open source software, but I’m expecting they’ll be using expensive learning software.

I wonder, do the iPads follow the kindergarteners to first grade?