Todo List in KOrganizer

Since this is problem the third time over the past few years that I’ve had a problem where I could not view my to-do items nor add any to KOrganizer, and spent a long time trying to figure out how to get it working, I’m posting it here as a reference for the next time it occurs.

These steps work for KOrganizer 4.8.3.


  • To-do List is empty.
  • Adding a to-do item does not display it on the To-Do List.

Steps to solve:

  1. Go to Settings, Configure KOrganizer.
  2. In the setters, go to General, Calendars.
  3. If there isn’t a calendar resource listed here, add on. I like to use ~/Documents/Calendar with each calendar item in a separate file, using “KDE Calendar (traditional)” set to “Calendar in Local Directory”.
  4. Go to the Month View.
  5. In the bottom left pane should be the name of the calendar resource just added, with an unchecked checkbox beside it. Click on the checkbox to add a checkmark to it.
  6. Any calendar items on the resource will now appear on the calendar. Return to the to-do list, and any existing to-do list items should appear. Any newly added to-do list items will appear as they are added.