Is the order a flash card?

I haven’t been making progress with learning vocabulary and grammar on new pages (bad). But I am making progress transcribing individual strips and updating cards in Anki (good).

My main progress lately (aside from slowly transcribing more pages, and starting to read through volume two) is working on my flash cards in Anki. They started out as individual words, but without context it’s hard to remember certain words.

I started replacing words with single panel images, with all the text grayed out except the word being reviewed. Aside from this taking extra time to prepare, it had the negative that I would recognize the scene, not the kanji.

I since started using sentences, with the word being reviewed in Japanese square brackets. I still recognize some words based on the sentence they are in, but it now requires reading the sentence (at least partially) rather than immediately recognizing an image.

I’ve also started tagging cards by which page they are from and the part of speech (noun, etc). The page numbers are meant to assist if I make the deck available for anyone interested, but I don’t know the best way to “sort” the cards for use by someone else. Also, tagging based on page number without including volume number will probably be an issue for me later, so maybe I should tag them such as “volume1page12” sooner rather than later. Would “volume1 page12” (two separate tags) be better? Or worse? Maybe that’s something else to spend time looking into instead of studying…

Edit: Rather than tags, I’ve added fields for “Volume” and “Page”. Anki’s card browser allows easy filtering based on fields.

Speaking of things done other than studying, I’ve compiled a list of all the music CD’s for GochiUsa on Rakuten (physical CD) and Amazon Japan (MP3 download). I was going to add iTunes Japan links as well (as a resource), but it takes forever, so I decided not to bother.

If Amazon Japan will let me purchase the MP3’s, then I may just have to use those as motivation. “If you want to purchase a four-album CD, you must first transcribe two strips per song (eight total) or review one new strip per song (four strips)”, something like that. Transcribing absolutely can use motivation after about two pages (four strips). Learning new pages doesn’t require motivation so much as I haven’t gone over any new pages that I can use a push to get back into one page per day. Updating older flash cards in Anki (from single word or image to sentence, plus adding tags) gets tedious quickly, so that can use a motivator as well.

Edit: Amazon Japan won’t let me use an American credit card, and the year-old postings I see online about buying an Amazon gift card from the US site to use on the Japanese site don’t work. Looks like I won’t be buying songs as rewards.