Is the order a rabbit? Pages 25 and 26

To make up for no pages yesterday, I’m going extra today. It’d be nice to read and review page 25 and stop there, but because it’s a single strip with almost no dialogue, I have to include page 26 into this study session.

Page 25 begins with Cocoa-san showing off three fashion selections. The first is easy to read: フツウに (normal). The third was fairly simple as well: フリョウっぽく (delinquent-like). The second is too small for me to make out all the radicals. I was hopeful that ココア should be labeling her posts in voice-over in the anime, but alas, she does not. Thankfully, searching for 「ココア “フリョウっぽく”」 on Google returned a Japanese page on manga to anime differences which notes this difference, including the margin text. I certainly wouldn’t have come up with 優等生(ゆうとうせい) (honor student) on my own.

Splitting up the kanji I don’t know, (ゆう) means “excel, surpass”, and (とう) means “quality”. Together, 優等(ゆうとう) has a meaning of “excellence”.

I feel like I wouldn’t mind skipping on making this into a flash card (since there’s not much of a sentence for it), but I’ll stick a flash card into Anki and see how it goes. I seem to pick up this one-time words (at least the pronunciation) somewhat quickly. I’m still ready for the day I need to know how to say 腹話術(ふくわじゅつ) (ventriloquism), even if I don’t recognize the kanji.

The first thing I notice about page 26 is Cocoa-san’s line in the cartoon differs from the comic.

まんがココア:「チノちゃんの学校(がっこう) 帽子(ぼうし)あるんだね かわいいー」


The comic’s line reads as, “So Chino-chan’s school has hats.” I wasn’t certain of the translation at first, however, wondering if it might be “Chino-chan has a school hat”. This was entirely due to 学校 and 帽子 not having a particle between them. Overthinking something like this can be wasteful of time, so I inquired on the LearnJapanese subreddit.

Reddit user Pzychotix pointed out to me that if it were “Chino-chan has a school had”, it would begin with チノちゃんは rather than の, and that school hat would be 学校の帽子. (Thinking 学校 帽子 may be a single compound word is applying English grammar to Japanese. Clearly I shouldn’t be studying so much Japanese in one day.)

When trying to figure out a meaning, sometimes you need to work out how each possible translation would actually be written, and then&emdash;like a multiple choice quiz&emdash;eliminate the ones that don’t align with the actual sentence. If there’s a dropped particle between 学校 and 帽子, は makes the most sense.

I can see why the line was changed to, “Chino-chan’s middle school’s uniform is cute.” The four-panel limit of the strip means it has to focus on the hat, whereas the cartoon is able to rework the dialogue to better fit into the scene as a whole.

Anki new card count: three for page 25, and nine for page 26. The low count is in part due to words I already cards for, but I did get to add one for 「クセになってる」 even though I already have (くせ) and なる.