Is the order a rabbit? Page 27

I knew page 27 would be an easy one when it started off with Cocoa-san and Chino-san saying, simply, 「いってきます」. And then I noticed the later says 「いってまいります」, which I am unfamiliar with.

いってきます is of course a combination of いく and くる (to go [away] and then to come [back]). いってまいります combines いく with まいる, which has a similar meaning. A HiNative question on the two has answers labeling いってまいります as an older expression, but it’s also used by people from wealthy families. While neither situation specifically applies to Chino-san, her very polite demeanor lends to such outdated wording. (She does say the same as Cocoa-san in the cartoon, though.)

Further down, Chino-san uses the word 行けます, which is 行く in its potential form. She’s finishing Cocoa-san’s sentence: “we can go”.

On the other side, Cocoa-san’s encounter with Rize-san makes up for the most of page 27’s dialogue.

When Cocoa-san pops up calling out to Rize-san, the response is, 「目立つからやめろ!」 Here, から functions as “because”, as in “Stop it, because you’re standing out”. から’s “because” counterpart ので cannot be used when followed by a command (やめろ), thus から is used. (As per “A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar” entries for から[3] and ので.)

こうかん is one of those words I learned in Pokemon way back when, although I don’t know the kanji (交換). Cocoa-san ends her suggestion of swapping uniforms with みない. This is a combination of using みる following an action (meaning “do [action] and see what it’s like”), and asking a question as a negative (“wouldn’t you like to?”).

Light day for words (thanks to the first strip on the page): 27 words added to Anki.