Is the order a rabbit? Page 28

Page 28 is another with words I’ll surely never encounter again. At least the first strip is a nice and easy one.

リゼ:「お(まえ)学校(がっこう)への(みち) わかってるのか?」

This is the second (and third) time のか has appeared. Maggie Sensei has a page on male speech (Rize-san seems to have picked up speech patterns from her father), where it says: “You add の ( = no) before か ( = ka) to make it sound stronger. (express more feelings)”

Here, Rize-san isn’t simply asking, “Do you understand how to get to your school?” It has the feeling of “…because you really need to know this!”

I managed 18 new cards for page 25. That’s including 空間(くうかん), which Rize-san decided to drop from her anime line. Surely I’ll get more mileage out of that word in the long run than 異次元(いじげん). (Then again, alternate dimensions no stranger in Pokemon games, which I play in both English and Japanese.)