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Is the order a rabbit? Page 19 (Left Side)

So far, I’m liking using sentences without comic panel images in Anki, but I only have a couple of sentences, so it’s too soon to tell. The front of the card has the sentence with the kanji to recognize in 【brackets】. The back of the card is the same as the front, except the word in brackets has furigana, and the translation of the single word is included.

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Is the order a rabbit? Page 18 (Left Side)

Lately, I’ve been out of town weekends, and that makes it more difficult to get any studying done, as all the files I use for it are on my desktop computer. I did use this out-of-town time to read through all of GochiUsa volume 1 (as best I could), and I will likely re-read it from the beginning, but it’d be nice to do something a bit more productive during this time.

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Is the order a rabbit? Page 16 (Right Side)

Although vocabulary and kanji reviews are a bit discouraging, working through the dialogue of new strips has been relatively easy. Hopefully the dialogue isn’t keeping real simple to give me a false sense of progress just before dumping massive amounts of complex dialogue on me. (Maybe I should give the introductory strips a read later to see if there’s any visible progress?)

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