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Tagging On Hold Again

When I was running Kubuntu Karmic, I tagged a bunch of images. I’m currently on Kubuntu Lucid. None of my images are tagged. I wonder if the upgrade killed the tags. The tags are still recognized (if I go to tag an image, the old tags are still listed), but no images are tagged. I guess I’ll continue to not tag files.

It’s just as well. Some other images I hadn’t tagged yet, I mass-renamed them from the command line, and that would have wiped out the tags if they had any.

E-book Readers

Even though there have been e-book readers out for years now, it was Amazon’s Kindle which really introduced them to the public. Barnes and Noble’s Nook appeared as a catch-up competitor, and the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show has brought innovative new takes on the concept. I’ve been considering getting an e-book reader for a few years now, so hopefully the technology will see a price decrease across 2010. Continue reading

Microsoft OneNote

Recently I was looking on TigerDirect for some computer parts I planned on buying to build a new PC (after having my current one for upwards of probably eight years). I found that “Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007” is there marked down to a very decent price for “Black Friday”. I upgraded my laptop to Windows 7 (ordered when had the pre-order discount) so I can keep up with how things will one day be when businesses can’t keep using Windows XP anymore. So, why not Office 2007?
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Installing Windows 7

My laptop came with Windows Vista Home Basic, which is the version with everything disabled because the laptop’s hardware “can’t handle it”. Never mind that Linux+KDE can do the same things and more with no slow-downs.

Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade

Since Amazon had the $50 upgrade deal, I decided, “Why not?” I like to have Windows around “just in case”, but Vista is so sluggish, and supposedly Windows 7 runs better on low-end hardware than Vista does (due to the netbook rush). Of course, Windows 7 also recommends 1GB of RAM, and I have only half of that. Linux runs just fine with half a gig, but maybe an upgrade to one gig won’t be too bad in the future. We’ll see…

Update: This is the problem I’m having on activating Windows 7. Rather than calling Microsoft, I used the registry/command line hack to get it “activated”.

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