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MediaWiki PassThroughFile Extension Version 1

MediaWiki recommends against using the top level of a domain to load wiki pages from. If only a section of the site contains a wiki, makes sense. MediaWiki supports this. If the entire site is a wiki, then makes sense. MediaWiki does not support this, and recommends against it.

The problem with the latter is that it renders files such as robots.txt as a wiki page at This can be avoided by using MediaWiki’s extensions capability.

To get around this issue, I wrote an extension.

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Tagging On Hold Again

When I was running Kubuntu Karmic, I tagged a bunch of images. I’m currently on Kubuntu Lucid. None of my images are tagged. I wonder if the upgrade killed the tags. The tags are still recognized (if I go to tag an image, the old tags are still listed), but no images are tagged. I guess I’ll continue to not tag files.

It’s just as well. Some other images I hadn’t tagged yet, I mass-renamed them from the command line, and that would have wiped out the tags if they had any.