My Trainers

Generation 6

Trainer Samuel Trainer Emily Trainer Stephanie

Name ID Version Language Mii TSV
Samuel 19535 Y English Chris 0264
Emily 52227 X Japanese クリフリ 0592
Stephanie 31476 αS English Chris 1619

Generation 7

Name ID Version Language Mii TSV
Jennifer 717021 Sun English Chris 0782
Daniel 916841 Moon Japanese クリフリ 1209
Gina 698145 Ultra Moon English Chris 0908

Friend Safari

If you’d like to add me to your Friend Safari, please contact me through Reddit.

Name Friend Code Pokémon
Chris 2878-9705-7728 Magmar Larvesta Braixen
クリフリ 1607-6094-9032 Dedenne Pikachu Luxio

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